Bojan Klančar

Bojan Klančar,
akademski grafičar

Rođen je 27. aprila 1954. godine u Mariboru, Slovenija. Završio je
Dizajnersku školu u Ljubljani. Posle toga je diplomirao na Akademiji
lepih umetnosti u Prištini 1981. godine, na katedri za grafiku.
Učestvovao je na brojnim izložbama u Sloveniji i inostranstvu. 1990.
godine dobio je prvu nagradu za EX LIBRIS – malu grafiku u Parizu.
Njegova mala grafika nalazi se u Gutenberg muzeju u Majncu. Radi kao
nezavisan i slobodan umetnik u Cerknici (Slovenija).

Bojan Klančar, graphic artist
He was born on April 27, 1954 in Maribor and completed his study at
the Design School in Ljubljana. After that he graduated from the
Academy of Fine Arts in Priština in 1981 in Graphic Department. He
has participated in numerous group-exhibitions at home and abroad.
In 1990 he won first prize for EX-LIBRIS – small print in Paris. His
small print is to be found in Gutenberg Museum in Mainz. Now he is
acting as independent and free-lance artist.

Bojan Klančar`s works take a special place in modern artistic space
in technical as well as in substantive sence. Motifs, he discovers
continually, are coming out from the environment where he lives and
creates. Notranjska with its mysterious Karst world and interminent
Cerknica`s lake is the place he is devoted to and inspires his work.
This rich landscape offers him endless number of images and
impressions and leads him trough neverending modifications-trough
all seasons, where the play of light and shadows never ends. He
wants to keep that very nature, that is in his heart, original and
untouched because every day he is a witness of its dying.

Inspite of thema and motif of veduts and landscape, which are very
close to the spectators, remain Klančar independent, inconventional
and incommercial. This is a result of his own attitude to graphic
art as original. He has limited a number of original prints to a
very small number and this is a real rarity nowadays. Technique,
used for most of his works, etching and aquitant, is graphical
procedure in which masterpieces of Rembrandt and Goya was made.

At printing of his works of art author uses only one colour. He
intends to research all elements, obtained by usage of one- coloured
print together with final effect of vivacious natural composition.
Drawing as the main basis and bearer of further artistic expressions,
is decisive and final. An artistic piece of work is made in a moment
of very strong impression, catched in white paper and all this
create harmony and tension at the same time.

This cycle of graphic works present as Klančar as subtyle observer
of nature and details. His works do not express only author’s
researches and his attitude to the world around him but also his
searching inside him.
He remains faithful to his feelings, artistic starting-point and
belief. Modern streams in up-to-date art did not seduce him, they
only made him richer.

Polona Škodič