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Artistic Connections



Call for participation to international drama workshops
Within AR.CO. Project, financed by the Interreg IIIA Adriatic
Crossborder Programme inscriptions to participate to drama workshops
are announced. The workshop will take place in Puglia (Gallipoli and
Nardò), in Abruzzo (Pescara) and in Serbia (Smederevo) during the
period June-July 2005 with the aim to develop and improve the actor
competences in the field of drama production.
Duration: Each workshop will last three weeks.

The theme: the workshops will be directed by internationally
recognise director , helped by a tutor, working on the interpretation
and improvisation techniques on “A Mid summer night’s dream” by W.

Target Group: 66 young people aged from 18 to 30.

Each Partner Region will select the pupils according to the following

7 Puglia 7 Puglia 1 Puglia 2 Puglia
1 Abruzzo 1 Abruzzo 7 Abruzzo 2 Abruzzo
1 Montenegro 2 Montenegro 2 Montenegro 3 Montenegro
1 Bosnia 2 Bosnia 1 Bosnia 3 Bosnia
2 Serbia 1 Serbia 1 Serbia 5 Serbia
2 Croatia 1 Croatia 1 Croatia 3 Croatia
1 Albania 1 Albania 2 Albania 3 Albania
15 15 15 21

Selection Criteria: applicants

1) must be resident in the partner regions (Puglia, Abruzzo, Albania,
Croazia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro)

2) they must be graduated from secondary school,

3) they must speak English,

4) they must have experience in the theatrical field, certified by
schools or show


5) they must be ready to attend the workshop even outside their own
region of residence

Application form: applicants must send an application form
according to the model herewith attached together with a curriculum
vitae exclusively to the referent of the region where candidates are
resident, and precisely:

  • For Italy:

    Koreja in Via Guido Dorso 70 – For the workshop to be implemented in

    and Nardò)

    Florian Proposta Via Valle Roveto, 39- 65124 Pescara

  • For Serbia: Centar za kulturu Smederevo Karađorđeva 5 – 7, 11300
  • For Bosnia: MOSTARSKI TEATAR MLADIH Trg Republike 1 88000 MOSTAR
  • For Croatia: KUC Kalvarija Kalvarija 8 51000 Rijeka
  • For Montenegro: Ministry of Culture and Media of Montenegro,

    Address: Vuka Karadzica 3, 81000 Podgorica Contact person: Tamara

  • For Albania: Academy of arts

    Bld. Deshmoret e Kombit- Tirane- Albania

The registered letter must be received by and not after May the 6th
2005 12 a.m. Application forms received after the date and time above
mentioned will be rejected

The participation to the workshop is totally free.

The admitted pupils obliged to move out of the region of their
residency to attend the workshop have the right to be hosted for free
(board and lodging) and to be reimbursed for the travel expenses
(train or/and ferry boat).

At the end of the workshops some young people, among the most
meritorious, will be selected to start a working scholarship and will
work in public administrations and show organisation for one year.

Attitude test: to be chosen for the workshop, applicants must pass
through a psycho attitudinal test and a motivation conversation aimed
to the publication of the classification whenever the selected people
are more than the top number.

Applicants must bring with themselves a valid document of identity and
go to the places on the dates which will be later communicated.
Selection will be done by experts chosen by the below listed partners


  • Italia: Koreja sono aperti dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 9.30 alle
    ore 13 e dalle ore 15,30 alle 18.
    Via Guido Dorso 70 –
    Tel. e fax 0832.24.20.00 e-mail:
    Date of selection:

    Florian Proposta
    Tel +39 085 42 24 087- fax 085 42 94 482
    Via Valle Roveto, 39- 65124 Pescara

  • Serbia: Centar za kulturu Smederevo
    Karađorđeva 5- 711300 Smederevo
    tel: 026 / 224 815 026/ 640 363 e-mail:
  • Croatia
    Drugo More
    KUC Kalvarija, Kalvarija 8 51000 Rijeka
    tel. 051 212 957 051 212 960 e-mail:
  • Montenegro: Ministry of Culture and Media
    Address: Vuka Karadzica 3, 81000 Podgorica Contact person: Tamara
    Tel: +381 67 598 006 Fax: +381 81 224 164 e-mail:
  • Albania: Academy of arts Address: Bul. Deshmoret e kombit- Tirane (Albania
    - tel/fax +355 4225488

    tel.: + 387 36 558 485, + 387 36 558 486
    fax: + 387 36 558 486


Lecce, April the 11th 2005


Franco Ungaro

Specific Objectives
Building up a cultural European network in the Adriatic area among
public bodies, cultural institutions and private companies working for
the production and promotion of live performance.

Creating a common artistic space through the exchange of experiences,
skills and innovative praxes in the field of live performance.

Enhancing the relations between training institutes and labour market
in the field of live performance.

Improving the quality of promotion services of cultural activities by
the use of new technologies.

Project activities
The project intend to implement the following activities:

AT1 Development of cross border cooperation in the

field of cultural services

  • a.1 preliminary research aimed to mapping those places,
    enterprises and institutions that organically develop
    activity of which production, promotion and
    management of cultural services
  • a.2 study trips aimed at analysing the different systems,
    contexts, subjects, methodologies, structures and places
  • a.3 restructuring and improving the places for the artistic
    creation with soft interventions, decided on the basis
    of the

    exchange of good praxes and specific needs

AT2 Improvement of human resources in the field
of Production, Promotion, Management of theatre services

  • b.1) production
    No.4 workshops in residence of 3 weeks each. The workshops will end up with lessons and the Results will be presented in a DVD.
  • b.2) promotion
    * consultancy and training regarding commercial competences for the theatres involved in the project
    * establishment of a common telematic platform including on line selling of the theatre services

    * personal computers and informatic material will be bought for those theatres which need them

  • b.3) management of theatre services
    * activity of consultancy and training for the development of managerial skills, human
    recourses, development and administration services

    * study trips for top and middle management of the theatres

AT3 Development of quality systems in the field of
Cultural services

Elaboration and application of quality systems,
monitoring and evaluation

AT4 Activity of dissemination of the results

Production of catalogues and brochure, TV
advertising, final seminar, home page on partners
web sites

At the End

COORDINATOR, Franco Ungaro

Lecce 11 July 2005

English and Italian language

Dear Friends,

few news about the project

  1. The four workshops are over. According to the information I have
    the two in Smederevo and in Nardò were the most satisfying both from
    the organisative point of view and from the participants. The
    experience in Gallipoli was positive too even if the group worked in
    a very uncomfortable place (The municipality of Gallipoli and Koreja
    are responsible for this). The workshop in Pescara counted a limited
    numbers of local participants. I think the difficulties were due
    partly to the low level of engagement into the organisation of the
    workshops from all the partners of the project and partly from the
    way of selection of the participants (it should have been better if
    only one group of selection selected all the actors; but this meant
    a lot of extra costs impossible to be paid by the project). We faced
    a lot of difficulties with Albanian participants (one of them stayed
    just for few hours and decided to come back home, others used the
    visa of the project to leave and meet relatives, others never left).
    So to sum up, some partner broke the engagement incurred in Lecce
    during the committee of finding participants for the workshops. The
    difficulty comes from the fact that it is the first time that all
    the partners work together, so they look for a common way of
    working. Personally it is a challenge which engage me, even if it is
    very stressful. The workshop were useful to let people meet and get
    to know each other and to implement the meeting of ideas and
    methods, the conditio sine qua non to build up the network of
    Adriatic theatres. We asked for reports to the directors and tutors
    of the workshops and the questionnaires to the participants, so I
    will have a more detailed idea of the experience. I would like to
    have also your impression about it.
  2. What about the future? Unfortunately the meeting of the
    scientific committee on the 21st and 22nd of
    July is over. There is a situation of impasse in Regione Abruzzo due
    to the recent election of the new responsible of the culture. The
    meeting was meant to inform everybody about the next training course
    of management and marketing we thought to implement in the months
    September – October 2005 and about the purchase of technical
    requirements. But we have to wait, I will keep you informed.
  3. I remind you that in July the 20th Koreja will
    present its performance “Il pasto della tarantola in Budva and on
    the 22nd in Belgrade at SKC Studentski Kulturni Centar
    every hour from 19 to 23 o’clock. we would be glad to see you there!

Franco Ungaro

Workshop in Smederevo

The Workshop

Workshop AR.CO (Artistic Connections)

For an Adriatic network of performing arts

Financed by

Interreg III A Adriatic Cross border Programme

The Workshop

During the freetime


  • Italy

    - Francesca Montanaro

    - Martina Di Genova

    - Fabio Tinella

    - Enrico Di Giambattista

    - Mateja Majerle
    - David Petrović

    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    - Alma Krantić
    - Ajdin Tinjak
    - Aldin Lepara

Participants of AR.CO workshop with

dr Jasna Avramovic, president of local municipality

At the Smederevo Fortress

  • Serbia and Montenegro

    - Nenad Ilić (Požarevac)

    - Miljan Guberinić (Smederevo)

    - Marko Stojanović (Smederevo)

    - Milenko Pećanac (Smederevo)

    - Ivana Stevović (Smederevo)

    - Gojko Milićević (Smederevo)

Villa of Obrenovic Dynasty

Salvatore Tramacere – outside of the restaurant Konoba

Workshop program director:

  • Salvatore Tramacere, theatre artistic director of the Teatro Koreja,
    Lecce, Italy

Mentor and group manager:

  • Annika Stroehm, Norway/Italy

Participants of AR.CO workshop with

dr Jasna Avramovic, president of local municipality

Trumpets support

The Workshop

The Workshop

Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade

At the village (country) Landol, near Smederevo

At the Fair in Smederevo

At the football match of Intertoto UEFA cup between Smederevo (Serbia
and Montenegro): Prilep (Macedonia)


Local alternative music group PATOS

At the Smederevo Fortress

At the end, at the bus station – see you again

At the end, at the bus station – see you again

Meeting in Mostar
On 22nd November, at Mostar Youth Theatre there has been the meeting
of AR.CO. Project’s partners assembly, with the following people:

  • Luigi Tenore
    (Director of Puglia Region International Cooperation Office),
  • Franko Ungaro (Koreja Theatre),
  • Milan Marković Municipal
    Assembly, Smederevo),
  • Vladislav Nešić ( Centar za kulturu Smederevo)
  • Sead Djulić (Mostar Youth Theatre Artistic Director),
  • Toni Pehar
    (Mostar Youth Theatre Actor),
  • Armin Hadzimusić (Mostar Youth
  • Giulia Basel (Florian Proposta Theatre),
  • Giuseppina
    (Director of Abuzzo Region Cultural Office),
  • Marcello Risi (vice
    - Mayor of Nardo City),
  • Hamica Nametak (Puppet Theatre Artistic
    Director, Mostar)

The Old Bridge, Mostar

The meeting

River Neretva

War reminder

Meeting in Lecce

Teatro Koreja

The official partners of the projects are:

Meeting in Lecce

Press conference