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LOTREC is a local support center for teachers involved in theater work with children and young people. LOTREC center organizes seminars for the application of dramatic methods in education, including teachers in creative drama workshops , aranges meetings with experts (psychologists, educators, practitioners of educational drama, professional theater artists, etc.), organizes festival of children’s and youth drama creativity generated through creative process.

Established LOTREC centers are part of a project ISLANDS funded by the European Union through the program “Support to Civil Society” and co-funded by the Government of the Republic of Serbia – Office for Cooperation with Civil Society.

The Regional Centre Smederevo held the first part of the training for the running of the local resource centers for teachers. Over 40 participants from seven partner organizations from Serbia – teachers, educators and youth leaders – participated in the training for trainers who will lead four LOTREC centers to support colleagues in the implementation of drama in education of children and youth .

Lautrec centers are established in Belgrade, Zrenjanin, Niš and Smederevo.

Smederevo Center for Culture and PATOS are partners of this project and they will represent LOTREC resource center in Smederevo. Members of PATOS, due to their competences acquired through IDEAL program, will coordinate LOTREC centre and Smederevo Center for Culture will provide full logistical support.

The project is funded by the European Union

the program “Support to Civil Society”.

The project is funded from the budget of the Republic of Serbia

– Office for Cooperation with Civil Society.